Bankruptcies — May 2019

Bankruptcies are filed under the following chapter headings:
Chapter 7 — Straight Bankruptcy: debtor gives up non-exempt property and debt is charged.
Chapter 11 — Allows companies and individuals to restructure debts to repay them.
Chapter 12 — Allows family farmers to restructure finances to avoid liquidation for foreclosure.
Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by the individual to pay a percentage of debt based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay debts.
Information provided by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Spokane.


Alvaro Ramirez & Elvia Morales, 1150 S. Keller Place, Kennewick.

Scott A. & Theresa E. Gregg, 9148 W. Arrowhead Ave., Kennewick.

Joe H. & Michelle L. Stewart, 5600 Aloha Drive, West Richland.

Cherie L. Stubbs, 5810 Wallowa Lane, Pasco.

Michael W. & Carol Y. Hughes, 28 Apollo Blvd., Richland.

Ashely Herring, 223 E. 15th Ave., Kennewick.

Gale & Jovita Monk, 1407 W. 24th Loop, Kennewick.

Gifty Y. Asiedu, 4911 Truman Lane, Pasco.

Guy L. & Mary E. Lovelady, 6333 Homerun Road, Pasco.

Marina Mora, 8627 W. Canyon Ave., Kennewick.

Martin L. Rosenfeld, 4731 W. Hood Ave., Kennewick.

Antonio M. & Donna M. Aguilar, 2320 W. Sylvester, Pasco.

Lozano’s Empire LLC, 9715 Nottingham Drive, Pasco.

John P. & Stacy J. Bidleman, PO Box 235, Connell.

John & Lisa Crandall, 4219 S. Kingwood St., Kennewick.

Yesenia L. Murillo & Steven M. Smith, 711 S. 45th Ave., West Richland.

Allen Findlay, 512 Symons Street, Richland.

Juan A. & Shamika F. Zamora, 4513 Saint Paul Court, Pasco.

Efren Guerrero & Marta J. Menjivar Barrientos, 1716 W. Court St., Pasco.

Jose G. & Ashley Cabrera, 310 S. Cleveland St., Kennewick.

Maria L. Botello Rosales, 2528 E. Ella Court, Pasco.

Jason A. & Kim D. Eshelman, 181 Bitterroot Drive, Richland.

Ronald L. & Jessica M. Gray, 1614 Marshall St., Richland.

Evelia Vargas, 4002 W. Third Ave., Kennewick.

Brandy A. Drettwan, 4321 W. Hood Ave., Kennewick.

Samuel Salmeron & Priscilla Gonzalez, 919 S. Sixth Ave., Pasco.

Emily A. Meier, 1004 W. Margaret St., Pasco.

India Potts, 7207 W. Sixth Ave., Kennewick.

Nadine L. Steen, 1529 Columbia Park Trail, Richland.

Gregory J. & Patricia A. Smith, 4675 Arena Road, Richland.

Jessica Mancilla, 2704 W. Marie, Pasco.

Jeffrey & Jocelyn Jones, 1718 W. Nixon St., Pasco.

Robin Mahoney, 2961 Timberline Drive, West Richland.

Adriana Jimenez, 1 Ivy Lane, Pasco.

Yesenia L. Fabian, 4118 Montgomery Lane, Pasco.

Ashley D. Arguello, 194 Bitterroot Drive, Richland.

Julio C. Andrade Lopez & Leslie P. Blanco, 6117 Basalt Falls, Pasco.

Ryan J. Johnson, 504 Birch Ave., Richland.

Javier Polanco & Alma Guzman, 430 S. Fir St., Kennewick


Ricardo & Rosa Cantu, 150 Honeysuckle Road, Pasco.


Elizabeth Mujica, 4212 Cochins Lane, Pasco.

Louis T. & Rhonda R. Johnson, 2207 N. Nevada Court, Kennewick.

Aimee D. Leseman, 1913 Cherry Lane, Pasco.

Robin L. Domina, 106 Hillview Drive, Richland.

Stuart A. & Alice J. Forbes, 4026 S. Zillah St., Kennewick.

William E.  Yordy & Courtney D. Hamilton, 5202 S. Desert Dove Loop, West Richland.

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