Top Properties — June 2019

Top property values listed start at $500,000 and have been rounded to the nearest hundred figure. Property values are public record and can be found by visiting the county assessor’s office.


1470 Blue Mountain Loop, Richland, 2,006-square-foot, residential home on 0.65 acres. Price: $568,700. Buyer: David & Jessica Tanner. Seller: Stephen & Heather Unwin.

3905 N. Levi St., Kennewick, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $501,600. Buyer: Gregory & Shannon Pace. Seller: Landmark Homes of Washington.

526 W. Columbia Drive, Kennewick, 1,980-square-foot, commercial building. Price: $900,000. Buyer: Virk Group 1. Seller: INP Corporation.

2360 S. Young Court, Kennewick, 2,579-square-foot, residential home. Price: $652,900. Buyer: Charles & Mary Frances Windisch. Seller: A&R Feser.

1686 Sicily Lane, Richland, 2,408-square-foot, residential home. Price: $542,000. Buyer: Richard & Kathy Emery. Seller: Charles & Mary Frances Windisch.

1654 Sicily Lane, Richland, 2,995 -square-foot, residential home. Price: $590,000. Buyer: Joan & Shane Giese. Seller: Jonathan & Erin Dickey.

325 S. Union St., Kennewick, 4,375-square-foot, commercial building on 0.98 acres. Price: $700,000. Buyer: Kennewick Bottle and Food. Seller: Danh & Houng Le.

104014 E. Heather Drive, Kennewick, 3,210-square-foot, residential home on 0.75 acres. Price: $521,000. Buyer: B.K. & Cheryl Bragg. Seller: Richard & Stacee Budzik.

83535 E. Reata Road, Kennewick, 1,935-square-foot, residential home on 1.5 acres. Price: $645,900. Buyer: Terry Lilly. Seller: Melanie & Jesse Billingsley.

644 Melissa St., Richland, 2,407-square-foot, residential home. Price: $727,000. Buyer: Michael & Joy Wiberg. Seller: Andrei & Tatyana Valsan.

336 Piper St., Richland, 3,620-square-foot, residential home. Price: $545,000. Buyer: Robert & Angela Kopenec. Seller: Davis & Jillian Haras.

924 N. Columbia Center Blvd., Kennewick, 12,463-square-foot, commercial building. Price: $3,247,400. Buyer: Columbia Center Partners. Seller: LFIC.

24807 S. Sunset Meadow Loop, Kennewick, 3,229-square-foot, residential home on 2.09 acres. Price: $585,000. Buyer: Caryl Dotson. Seller: Kevin Farmer.

4514 Reed St., Kennewick, 2,421-square-foot, residential home. Price: $520,000. Buyer: Kevin Farmer. Seller: Daniel & Letitia Christman.

5012 W. 19th Ave., Kennewick, 2,621-square-foot, residential home. Price: $515,000. Buyer: Brian & Susan Harvey. Seller: David & Doris Brown trustees.

2469 Woods Drive, Richland, 2,086-square-foot, residential home. Price: $549,900. Buyer: Davis & Jillian Haras. Seller: Dmitri & Joy Olin.

1105 S. Tranquility PRSE, Kennewick, 3,167-square-foot, residential home on 2 acres. Price: $553,000. Buyer: Dennis Wright Jr. & Lorelyn Whitaker.

1616 Heidi Place, Richland, 2,382-square-foot, residential home. Price: $599,000. Buyer: Jason & Kortney Porter. Seller: Sidney & Margarita Morrison.

425 Criterion Drive, Richland, 3,015-square-foot, residential home. Price: $599,900. Buyer: Clark & Michelle Olsen. Seller: Lance Hahn & Lisa Ulrich trustees.

8727 W. 11th Ave., Kennewick, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $562,800. Buyer: Todd & Lori Hardy. Seller: Don Pratt Construction.

1780 Deanna Court, Richland, 3,062-square-foot, residential home. Price: $616,000. Buyer: Dean & Carolyn Paxton. Seller: Kenneth Brown & Ann Lemieux-Brown.

2529 W. Falls Ave., Kennewick, 4,499-square-foot, commercial building. Price: $515,000. Buyer: Tri-Cities Monitoring. Seller: Eliguisz Kaczynski.

Undetermined location, Prosser, 46.6 acres of agricultural land. Price: $832,400. Buyer: Brenton & Alicia Roy. Seller: undisclosed.

Marysville Way and Cashmere Drive, Richland, 8 lots of undeveloped land. Price: $520,000. Buyer: Hayden Homes. Seller: Richland 132.

3910 W. 48th Ave., Kennewick, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $575,000. Buyer: Suzanne Staudinger. Seller: TMT Homes NW.

108730 E. Pine Hollow PRSE, Kennewick, 5,902-square-foot, residential home on 5.73 acres. Price: $1,175,000. Buyer: Barbara Wonders. Seller: Salvador & Mia Mendoza.

3420 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, 10,495-square-foot, commercial building on 1.77 acres. Price: $1,200,000. Buyer: Arthur & Susan Jennings. Seller: Kennewick Building.

3601 E. Lattin Road, West Richland, 2,525-square-foot, residential home on 1.24 acres. Price: $585,000. Buyer: Peter & Katie Donofrio. Seller: Robert & Patricia Gregory.

7516 W. Deschutes Place, Kennewick, 5,498-square-foot, commercial building. Price: $910,000. Buyer: Sound Retina Properties Kennewick. Seller: Sarada.

718; 720; 722 N. Arthur St., Kennewick, multiple apartment buildings. Price: $3,475,000. Buyer: Red Pines Holdings. Seller: Riverhill.

4340 Highview St., Richland, 2,942-square-foot, residential home on 0.76 acres. Price: $574,000. Buyer: Donald & Helen Andrews. Seller: Marco & Andrea Desantis.

418 N. Kellogg Ave., Kennewick, 11,934-square-foot, commercial building on 1.24 acres. Price: $950,000. Buyer: V&J. Seller: S&S Kennewick.


Undisclosed location, 159.73 acres of agricultural land. Price: $7,800,000. Buyer: Creason, Moore, Dokken & Geidl, PLLC. Seller: Katherine Ashley Trust.

Undisclosed location, 23.99 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $3,067,800. Buyer: Creason, Moore, Dokken & Geidl, PLLC. Seller: Paul & Leah Miller.

1740 N. Fifth Ave., Pasco, multiple apartment buildings. Price: $825,000. Buyer: 1740 N. 5th LLC. Seller: Double T&S Real Estate.

7425 Wrigley Drive, Pasco, 32,808-square-foot, commercial building on 2.45 acres. Price: $13,961,000. Buyer: Wrigley Medical Center. Seller: Red Head Investments.

Merlot Drive; Colombard Lane; Pinnacle Lane, Pasco, 12 lots of undeveloped land. Price: $972,000. Buyer: Hayden Homes. Seller: TSR Properties.

11329 Mathews Road, Pasco, 1,999-square-foot, residential home. Price: $3,985,000. Buyer: Bradley Staudinger. Seller: Erkki Kotilainen.

6813 Eagle Crest Drive, Pasco, 2,507-square-foot, residential home on 0.62 acres. Price: $600,000. Buyer: Casey Yeaton. Seller: Greg Senger Construction.

12102 Blackfoot Drive, Pasco, 2,920-square-foot, residential home. Price: $640,400. Buyer: Daniel & Rebecca Sauceda. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

12305 Clark Fork Road, Pasco, 3,068-square-foot, residential home. Price: $566,800. Buyer: Gerald & Anita Ewanick. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

12221 Clark Fork Road, Pasco, 2,388-square-foot, residential home. Price: $561,900. Buyer: Scott Largent. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

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