Business Licenses — July 2019


Exclusive Studio Designs, 5215 W. Clearwater Ave.

HarvestMoore, 5408 W. 26th Ave.

Deacy Mechanical, 45605 E. Ruppert Road, Benton City.

CaringHearts Social Services, 5219 W. Clearwater Ave.

Aspen Limo Tours, 2406 S. Olympia St.

Dr. Goodvape, 7903 W. Grandridge Blvd.

Cheesse Lawn Care, 503 N. Jean St.

Royal Holland, 15 W. A St., Pasco.

CBS Business Solutions, 5219 W. Clearwater Ave.

Twem Hair Design, 8533 W. Deschutes Ave.

Chuck E Cheese, 6340 W. Rio Grande Ave.

Anderson Virtual Assisting, 9352 W. Ninth Place.

Prayer Watch Christian Center, 602 S. Washington St.

Stargait Therapy Clinic, 408 N. Volland St.

Tribe of Wild, 127 W. Kennewick Ave.

NGC General Construction, 4811 Antigua Drive, Pasco.

Magoodaex, 5406 W. 25th Ave.

SignCraft, 1120 Tieton Drive, Yakima.

Westlake Properties, 5728 W. Kennewick Place.

Corvalis, WA LLC, 867 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

North 44 Quinalt, 5707 W. Quinault Ave.

Marrott Construction, 4812 W. 19th Ave.

A Balanced Massage by Valerie, 3908 S. Auburn St.

Design by Robin, 8485 W. Gage Blvd.

Energized Electric, 4444 N. Freya St., Spokane.

Springhill Suites by Marriott – Kennewick, 7048 W. Grandridge Blvd.

Biofeedback Plus, 15 N. Aurburn St.

Casey’s Tool Box, 6311 Enzian Falls Drive, Pasco.

Quality Roofing, 331 E. 27th Ave.

Affinity Revolution, 801 N. Tweedt St.

Mobile Strength, 4703 W. 21st Ave.

Quality Landscaping, 1402 S. Gum St.

Kustom Design Tileworks, 196810 E. 30th Ave.

Jessica’s Cleaning Services, 1204 N. Road 36, Pasco.

Fabela Energy, 8820 Massey Drive, Pasco.

Greenscapes, 5219 N. Shirley St., Ruston.

J&L Construction, 4326 S. Anderson Place.

Susan Rhode LMP, 8503 W. Clearwater Ave.

Cascade Natural Gas Corp, 200 N. Union.

El Guero Tacos Garcia, 6411 Burden Blvd., Pasco.

Bliss Events, 102 N. Lincoln St.

Excalibur Pizza 2, 420 S. Vancouver St.

North 44 Homes, 5707 W. Quinault Ave.

TC Life Hidden Treasure, 906 N. Cleveland St.

Allstar Lighting, 3723 Serene Way, Lynnwood.

R & Y Construction, 68911 S. Meals Road.

Jeldonbrown, 8905 W. Gage Blvd.

New Creation Homes, 70407 E. 710 PRNE, Richland.

Robbins & Co. House Moving, 818 SW 142nd St., Burien.

Garduno’s Insulation Services, 1724 W. 45th Ave.

Synergy Medaesthetics, 7301 W. Deschutes Ave, Suite E.

Liberty Home Inspections, 3908 Desert Plateau Drive, Pasco.

Belza Painting and Resurfacing, 13507 S. Grandview Lane, Kennewick.

Call the Roofer, 533 Cherokee St., Richland.

Advanced Fireproofing & Insulation, 19007 E. Alki Ave., Spokane Valley.

Mechanical & Machine Services, 2206 W. 19th Ave.

Colts Painting and Restoration, 4511 W. Ninth Ave.

Cindy House, 7535 W. Kennewick Ave.

Bizibeeandco, 1614 W. 10th Ave.

Mi Casa Cleaning Services, 5713 Wallowa Lane, Pasco.

The Purple Chicken Garden and Crafts, 406 N. Quebec St.

Jude Box Entertainment, 7803 W. Deschutes Ave.

Columbia River Dahlias, 3272 S. Quincy St.

JC Home Improvements, 506 S. Dawes St.

Pratt and Company, 8309 W. 10th Ave.

1st Choice Wholesale, 619 S. Young Place.

Stormi King, 4303 W. 27th Ave.

Northwest Renewables, 2613 W. Eighth Ave., Spokane.

Superior Wash, 2010 W. 19th Ave.

Invest Northwest Financials, 552 N. Colorado St.

Mr. G’s Bottle Works & Food Shop, 325 S. Union St.

The Garrison Family Investments, 4328 S. Dennis Court.

Huylar Construction Co, 12 S. Fir St., Toppenish.

Transportation Solutions and Auto Sales, 240 N. Ely St.

Handyman Construction, 2813 N. Road 48, Pasco.

Tri-City Trees Landscaping, 2028 Newcomer Ave., Richland.

MCS Quality Painting, 119 E. Fifth Ave.

Hardin Rehab Homes, 1467 Boyer Ave., Walla Walla.

Pacific Rim Yachts, 10 N. Washington St.

Nico Solutions, 4303 S. Irby Loop.

Tossled Tails, 3311 W. Clearwater Ave.

Apairaplushies, 1102 S. Olympia Place.

The Math Translator, 1030 N. Center Parkway.

A-1 Shoes & Repair, 201 N. Edison St.

Derose Industries, 104805 E. 1035 PRSE.

Youssef Media, 6408 W. Victoria Ave.

The Edith Experience, 500 W. First Ave.

Project Performance Services, 1906 W. Third Ave.

Chuy’s Car Wash & More, 709 S. Fir St.

Crosspointe Apartments, 7803 W. Deschutes Ave.

Dela Cruz Management, 3436 S. Conway Place.

Crucito’z Landscaping, 9 E. 11th Ave.

David’s Cleaning, 827 S. Ivy St.

V & J, 418 N. Kellogg St.

Triple J’s, 7522 W. Umatilla Ave.

Fortis Coatings, 328 Canyon Creek Drive, Wenatchee.

Tri-City Orthodontics, 3200 Duportail St., Richland.

Bright Klean Services, 4617 Moline Lane, Pasco.

Sean Hayes Flooring, 507 N. Louisiana St.

Gala Events, 517 N. Conway Palce.

Millertime Fishing, 4207 S. Tacoma Place.

Sion Drywall, 201303 E. Seventh Ave.

Key & Jaz House Cleaning, 501 S. Larch St.

Pointer Construction, 7301 W. Wernett Road, Pasco.

Mercenary Combat Academy, 406 S. Vancouver St.

Aarons Construction Company, 4815 W. Clearwater Ave.

Alla Consulting, 907 S. Dawes St.

Dunright Construction, 9802 Silverbright Drive, Pasco.

Aesthetic Consulting & Investments, 4003 W. 43rd Ave.

Jetts Transportation, 800 W. Columbia Drive.

Marineland Medical Office, 5219 W. Clearwater Ave.

Western Legal, 108 S. Kansas St.

Trendsetters Barbershop and Shave Parlor, 3108 W. Clearwater Ave.

Top Knotch, 6830 W. First Ave.

Best Price Rooter and Plumbing, 41 Douglas Way, Wallula.

Lucky Lindy’s Homemade Goods, 8631 W. Klamath Ave.

Pro-Construction, 216220 E. Cochran Road.

Badgley Consulting, 272 S. Osborne St.

VM Transport, 1315 N. Dawes St.

Crimson Power, 101904 E. Wiser Parkway.

TNT Custom Built Computers & Guitar Repair, 1820 W. 27th Ave.

Pacific Kick TKD, 8520 W. Gage Blvd.

D & R Carpet Installation, 1040 W. Margaret St., Pasco.

KBN Home Inspections, 2309 W. Kennewick Ave.

Total Cleaning Services, 3808 W. 19th Court.

Matt’s Motorsports, 309 N. Van Buren St.

SRU Automotive, 901 E. Chemical Drive.

Straight Line Construction, 1107 W. 19th Ave.

Powers Construction, 6323 Del Mar Court, Pasco.

Ram Bhartu, 1001 N. Volland St.

Hi Oil Spa, 4827 W. Clearwater Ave.

Tokyo Sushi & Teriyaki, 3617 Plaza Way.

L.A. Nails & Spa, 3001 N. 10th Ave.

Lauren’s Artistry, 314 N. Montana Court.


Fortis Coatings, 328 Canyon Creek Drive, Wenatchee.

Mi Casa Cleaning Services, 5713 Wallowa Lane, Pasco.

Blair Builders, 2004 S. Ione St., Kennewick.

Western Fireworks, 5828 W. Van Giesen St.

PJS/RND, 3140 Iris St.

A-One Refrigeration and Heating, 910 N. 20th Ave., Pasco.

Stans General Construction, 1600 W. Clark St., Pasco.

Nice N’ Shiny, 164 Columbia Way, Wallula.

3 Kings Contracting Group, 15001 NE 10th Ave., Vancouver.

Elk Ridge Plumbing, 4903 Desert Plateau Drive, Pasco.

Crucito’z Landscaping, 9 E. 11th Ave., Kennewick.

Crimson Power, 101904 Wiser Parkway, Kennewick.

Belza Painting and Resurfacing, 13507 S. Grandview Lane, Kennewick.

Casey’s Tool Box, 6311 Enzian Falls Drive, Pasco.

Crete Brothers, 3719 W. 16th Place, Kennewick.

Stucco & Stone Contractors, 1712 N. 20th Ave., Pasco.

Sweet Designs, 6303 Marble St.

Pointer Construction, 7301 W. Wernett Road, Pasco.

Aaron Michel Smith IT, 5601 Aspen Drive.

Liberty Home Inspections, 3908 Desert Plateau Drive, Pasco.

Jackson Ventures, 2339 Cottontail Lane, Richland.

New Leaf Landscaping TC, 4902 Truman Lane, Pasco.

D&R Carpet Installation, 1040 W. Margaret St., Pasco.

Health Pulse, 5449 W. Van Giesen St.

Business Development Solutions, 4771 W. Van Giesen St.

Drywall Repair and Construction, 67 Bonanza Drive, Pasco,

4 Kings Construction, 5132 Truman Lane, Pasco.

Powers Construction, 6323 Del Mar Court, Pasco.

• Editor’s note: Richland and Pasco were not available at printing.

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