Top Properties – February 2021

Top property values listed start at $500,000 and have been rounded to the nearest hundred figure. Property values are public record and can be found by visiting the county assessor’s office.


5547 Astoria Road, West Richland, 3,316-square-foot single-family home on 2.5 acres. Price: $865,000. Buyer: Darin & Shelley Redinger. Seller: Kari L. & Benjamin J. Leggett.

3359 River Valley Drive, Richland, 2,503-square-foot single-family home. Price: $560,000. Buyer: Brian Lee & Melissa Ann Boysen. Seller: William L. Bresina.

5502 W. 41st Ave., Kennewick, 3,456-square-foot single-family home. Price: $612,750. Buyer: Travis & Amber Vaughn. Seller: Lott’s Better Built Homes Inc.

2319 Skyview Loop, Richland, 3,051-square-foot single-family home. Price: $846,464. Buyer: David Sharp. Seller: Pahlisch Homes at Westcliffe Heights LLC.

4596 Cowlitz Blvd., Richland, 2,912-square-foot single-family home. Price: $520,000. Buyer: Thomas Carl & Whitney K. Sorensen. Seller: Benjamin M. & Angela K. Tanaka.

3414 Bing St., West Richland, 0.24-acre home site. Price: $541,900. Buyer: Brian M. & Melinda R. Parker. Seller: Dennis Sawby Construction LLC.

3950 S. McKinley St., Kennewick, 2,597-square-foot single-family home. Price: $504,900. Buyer: Lauren Macek. Seller: Justin Ross & Jessica Anne Graff.

4701 Roark Drive, Richland, 3,495-square-foot single-family home. Price: $523,947. Buyer: Andrew T. & Elizabeth A. Taylor. Seller: New Tradition Homes.

1911 Meadows Drive N., Richland, 1,922-square-foot single-family home. Price: $640,000. Buyer: James T. & Stephanie S. Zimmerman. Seller: Robert A. & Nicolette R. Johnson.

334 Columbia Point Drive, Unit 204, Richland, 3,389-square-foot home. Price: $1 million. Buyer: Robert H. & Christine E. Gebo Peterson Trustees.

1002 S. Coulee Vista Drive, Kennewick, 2,132-square-foot single-family home. Price: $664,900. Buyer: Darrell & Lynnette Homola. Seller: John Eric & Rhesa Rae Torguson.

1267 Evanslee Court, Richland, 3,470-square-foot single-family home. Price: $620,000. Buyer: Andrew Lawrence & Jillian Elizabeth Sattler. Seller: Sergey P. & Viktoriya V. Sereda.

996 Meadow Hills Drive, Richland, 2,626-square-foot single-family home. Price: $545,000. Buyer: David John Aanderud & Lisa Dianne Fring. Seller: Blake T. & Chandra M. Underwood.

630 Railroad Ave., Richland, 10,960-square-foot commercial building. Price: $1.1 million. Buyer: Wine Guys Investments III LLC. Seller: Sealib Properties LLC.

3504 W. 34th Ave., Kennewick, 2,455-square-foot single-family home. Price: $552,000. Buyer: David & Laura Zwart. Seller: Michael D. & Mary E. Hancock.

4814 White Drive, Richland, 3,024-square-foot single-family home. Price: $512,500. Buyer: Jeremiah & Nicole Hinkle. Seller: New Tradition Homes Inc.

2574 Anvil Court, Richland, 3,458-square-foot single-family home. Price: $568,600. Buyer: James W. Poland & Luann M. Stokke. Seller: New Tradition Homes Inc.

5647 W. 41st Ave., Kennewick, 2,320-square-foot single-family home. Price: $525,700. Buyer: Siva Sankar Gunda & Janaki Koppu. Seller: Lott’s Better Built Homes Inc.

1228 Plateau Drive, Richland, 2,900-square-foot single-family home. Price: $590,000. Buyer: Louis Perretta & Karen Schneider. Seller: Einar Skinnarland.

1282 Paige St., Richland, 2,530-square-foot single-family home. Price: $637,300. Buyer: Andrew E. Drom & Barbara A. Larsen. Seller: Alderbrook Investments Inc., dba Alderbrook Homes.

1320 Medley Drive, Richland, 2,298-square-foot single-family home. Price: $789,600. Buyer: Preston Eldon & Emily House. Seller: Prodigy Homes Inc.


1125 E. Spokane St., Pasco, 5,900-square-foot storage warehouse and 4,468-square-foot office building on 4.6 acres. Price: $1.9 million. Buyer: Inc. Seller: Great Basin Land Company II, LLC.

6800 Pearl St., 0.6 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $544,000. Buyer: Marcos & Abbey Garza. Seller: Ziegler Construction 2.

4225 N. Capitol Ave., Pasco, 18,275-square-foot distribution warehouse and 5,600-square-foot material shelter on 18 acres. Price: $3.8 million. Buyer: LAD Irrigation Company Inc. Seller: Valmont Northwest Inc.

2010 N. Commercial Ave., Pasco, 10,215-square-foot distribution warehouse on 1.8 acres. Price: $1.3 million. Buyer: Seahurst LLC. Seller: Carrson Ag LLC.

1917 W. A St., Pasco, 5,500-square-foot storage warehouse on 1.3 acres. Price: $511,000. Buyer: Atticus Property Management LLC. Seller: BK Attorney Services LLC.

133 Ridgeview Drive, Pasco, 2,117-square-foot single-family home. Price: $620,100. Buyer: Robert Hamm et. al. Seller: Steven H. & Pamela J. Burger.

6825 Burden Blvd., Suite B, Pasco, suite in 19,713-square-foot medical office. Buyer: Crankin Realty LLC. Seller: BLT LLC.

Undisclosed location north of Ringold Road, 202 acres. Buyer: Jada Holdings LLC Seller: Karl W. & Kathi L. Eppich.

2060 N. Commercial Ave., Pasco, 6.4 acres. Price: $529,700. Buyer: Zenaido Martinez Jr. Trucking LLC. Seller: West Pasco LLC.

1920 Road 56, Pasco, 2,505-square-foot single-family home on 1.5 acres. Price: $682,000. Buyer: Richard & Vicki Weiss. Seller: Kenneth K. Simpson.

104 N. Fourth Ave., Pasco, 11,704-square-foot mixed retail building with nine residential units. Price: $700,000/ Buyer: Big Maple Properties LLC. Seller: Klaus Goettel.

9915 W. Argent Road, Pasco, 8,896-square-foot church and Sunday school on 6 acres. Price: $1.5 million. Buyer: The Vine Church Tri-Cities. Seller: First Congregational Church of Pasco.

12414 Clark Fork Road, Pasco, 0.55 acres residential home site. Price: $599,800. Buyer: Maria Castillo. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction Inc.

6512 Gallatin Road, Pasco, 0.53 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $709,600. Buyer: Marshall & Kary Mathews. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction Inc.

3731 Astoria Road, Mesa, 1,368-square-foot single family home on 274 acres. Price: $3 million. Buyer: Desert Acres Holdings LLC. Seller: Wieseler & Son LLC.

Undisclosed location west of Columbia River Road, 42 acres. Price: $1 million. Buyer: Diamondback Farms LLC. Seller: Glen R. & Lori L. Clifford.

12517 Hunter Road, Pasco, 0.53-acre undeveloped home site. Price: $672,850. Buyer: Celeste Nelson. Seller: Tom J. Nelson.

4218 W. Dougville Road, Pasco, 2,460-square-foot single-family home. Price: $525,000. Buyer: Raquel Contreras Seller: Larry J. & Cheryl M. Hembree (trustees).

Undisclosed location west of Sagehill Road, 218 acres. Price: $3.5 million. Buyer: Wieseler & Son LLC. Seller: Othello Blueberry LLC.

6638 Gallatin Road, Pasco, 0.5 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $577,787. Buyer: Richard J. & Lisa A. Moore. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction Inc.

22481 Glade North Road, Mesa, 864-square-foot office building on 5.2 acres. Price: $3.4 million. Buyer: Valley Agronomics LLC. Seller: Layney Enterprises LLC.

8230 Blanton Road, 1,545 acres with various pole buildings, bunker silos, stables, drylot pens. Price: $16 million. Buyer: AB Livestock LLC. Seller: Easterday Ranches Inc.

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