Top Properties – September 2022

Top property values listed start at $700,000 and have been rounded to the nearest hundred figure. Property values are public record and can be found by visiting the county assessor’s office.


22 S. Gum St., Kennewick, 3,256-square-foot convenience store. Price: $2.3 million. Buyer: Bruce & Uyen Lok Trustee. Seller: ARS – Fresno LLC.

1320 Tunis Ave., 1322 Potter Ave., 1014, 415 & 412 Smith Ave., 415 Sanford Ave., Richland, 611-, 865-, 774-, 609-, 609- and 837-square-foot homes. Price: $1.5 million. Buyer: Northwest Holdings Co. LLC. Seller: Katherine & Rick T. Sterling.

7510 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick, 1,316-square-foot commercial building. Price: $750,000. Buyer: Bank of Idaho. Seller: Homestreet Bank.

3320 S. Walnut Ridge PR SE, Kennewick, 3,640-square-foot home on 4.6 acres. Price: $913,000. Buyer: Charles Lauren. Seller: Wesley B. & Tricia A. Lewallen.

7000 block of Clearwater Avenue, Kennewick, 1.3 acres of commercial land. Price: $889,000. Buyer: Clearwater Lofts LLC. Seller: ABC Optometric Services dba Clearwater Family Eye Care.

6205 W. Okanogan Ave., Kennewick, 15,400-square-foot industrial flex building. Price: $2.4 million. Buyer: Mad 3 Props LLC. Seller: 3 Blanks LLC.

29351 S. 932 PR SE, Kennewick, 2,553-square-foot home. Price: $790,000. Buyer: Benjamin T. Pearson. Seller: Ryan Kerr.

94008 N. Northstar PR NE, Richland, 3,353-square-foot home on 5.3 acres. Price: $1.2 million. Buyer: Warren L. & Sarah S. Emmons. Seller: Kathleen L. Walker.

1123 S. Kansas Court, Kennewick, 2,900-square-foot home. Price: $725,000. Buyer: William H. & Lorena Y. Ker. Seller: Lucas E. & Leah M. Ronning.

4230 Lolo Way, Richland, 3,870-square-foot home. Price: $750,000. Buyer: Lucas E. & Leah M. Ronning. Seller: Titan Homes LLC.

W. 757 PR NW, Prosser, 2,564-square-foot home on 5.2 acres. Price: $760,000. Buyer: Fabricio Yael Valencia & Zaida Naveli Valencia Guzman. Seller: Manuel Viera.

2435 Saddle Way, Richland, 2,560-square-foot home. Price: $798,000. Buyer: Nathaniel D. & Kathleen M. Hathaway. Seller: Carolyn M. Wood.

847 & 849 Duke Lane, West Richland, two 736-square-foot homes. Price: $750,000. Buyer: John Brent & Melinda Gill. Seller: Urban Range LLC.

106205 E. 297 PR SE, Kennewick, 3,160-square-foot home and pole building on 2.5 acres. Price: $880,000. Buyer: Brian D. & Shaleen A. Severson. Seller: Robert W. & Katherine D. Coffland.

4182 Potlatch St., Richland, 2,907-square-foot home. Price: $711,000. Buyer: Donavan & Tracy L. Nickerson. Seller: Tanninen Custom Homes Inc.

8400 W. Gage Blvd., Kennewick, 5,680-square-foot commercial building. Price: $2.3 million. Buyer: Choy Oregon LLC. Seller: Stephen D. & Carolyn K. Henager.

88033 Calico Road, Kennewick, 3,270-square-foot home. Price: $987,000. Buyer: Joseph W. & Melissa Ferris III. Seller: JK Monarch LLC.

58401 N. Griffin Road, Grandview, 2,953-square-foot home with pole building on 5 acres. Price: $850,000. Buyer: Henry & Brenda Kaye Koetsier Jr. Seller: Belly Acres LLC.

16717 S. Ridge View Lane, Kennewick, 2,730-square-foot home. Price: $850,000. Buyer: Daniel Scott & Debra Kathleen Smith. Seller: JK Monarch East LLC.

4285 Potlatch St., Richland, 2,440-square-foot home. Price: $772,000. Buyer: Dan R. & Holly L. Hansen Trustees. Seller: Tanninen Custom Homes Inc.

4851 Rau Lane, Richland, 2,949-square-foot home with two pole buildings on 2 acres. Price: $998,000. Buyer: Leonard James & Lucinda Donnette Foster. Seller: Wayne K. & Debra K. Mapstead.

108133 217 PR SE, Kennewick, 3,782-square-foot home on 10 acres. Price: $1.2 million. Buyer: Wendy Lyn & Duane Michael Ashby. Seller: Ryan S. & Amanda R. Renslow.

104305 E. Tripple Vista Drive, Kennewick, 2,729-square-foot home. Price: $704,000. Buyer: Ian T. Boyd. Seller: Youngki & Sangwon S. Chung.

807 E. Eastlake Drive, Kennewick, 2,515-square-foot home. Price: $704,000. Buyer: Fredericus Vosman & Maggie Butler Murphy. Seller: Joe W. Sullivan.

2940, 2930 & 2910 George Washington Way, Richland, two 20,000-square-foot office buildings on 1.8 acres. Price: $2.7 million. Buyer: Henning Richland LLC. Seller: Croskrey Brothers LLC.

56504 N. East Roza Road, Benton City, 1,506-square-foot home, 13,280-square-foot commercial building, 1,400-square-foot home on 3 acres. Price: $1.2 million. Buyer: Terra Vinum LLC. Seller: Roll ‘Em Ranch LLC.

4815, 4905 & 4827 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick, 14.3 acres of commercial property. Price: $8.1 million. Buyer: Columbia Mobile Village Holdings LLC. Seller: Linda Butler & Debra Adcock.

4126 Highview St., Richland, 3,454-square-foot home. Price: $1.3 million. Buyer: Steven & Jessica D. Lee. Seller: P&R Construction LLC.

79773 E. Country Heights Drive, Kennewick, 8,635-square-foot home on 11 acres. Price: $2.6 million. Buyer: Daryl Christopher & Joanna Deidre Kelly. Seller: Scott K. & Brenda J. Weide.

101 Reata Road, Richland, 6.6 acres of commercial land. Price: $2.7 million. Buyer: W-5 Investments LLC. Seller: Croskrey Properties LLC.

1620 Milan Lane, Richland, 3,061-square-foot home. Price: $1 million. Buyer: Jeffery Paul Ziemer & Michelle Ann Stairet. Seller: Daniel J. & Donna M. Berger.

1374 Country Ridge Drive, Richland, 2,562-square-foot home. Price: $750,000. Buyer: Morris Family Trust No. 1. Seller: William W. & Susan E. Peterson.

45802 S. Fremont Road, Kennewick, 2,940-square-foot home. Price: $875,000. Buyer: Roberta VB & Russell L. Herman. Seller: Kevin W. & Teresa A. Lechelt.

2555 Duportail St., Richland, apartment complex on 11 acres. Price: $49 million. Buyer: Shoreline Village Richland 216 LLC. Seller: Yuksel Inc.

2796 Sunshine Ridge Road, Richland, 2,038-square-foot home. Price: $775,000. Buyer: James B. & Veronica M. Wilcox. Seller: Jeffrey D. & Julie A. Woodbury.

46712 N. Ninth St., Benton City, 1,782-square-foot home on 13.28 acres. Price: $960,000. Buyer: HHIF VI LLC. Seller: Donald J. & Susan H. Gerend.

4678 Highview St., Richland, 2,721-square-foot home. Price: $710,000. Buyer: Eric M. & Alicia Ann Flones. Seller: Cartus Financial Corporation.

5304 Collins Road, West Richland, 4,758-square-foot home. Price: $845,000. Buyer: Robert Mundt. Seller: Travis Paul & Hannah Rae Bellamy

517 N. Johnson St., Kennewick, mini-storage facility. Price: $750,000. Buyer: Ozcorp LLC. Seller: Gordon L. & Sherry L. Davis.

1296 Medley Drive, Richland, 2,642-square-foot home. Price: $730,000. Buyer: John A. & Jaclyn W. Hargarten Trustees. Seller: Jeffrey A. & Julie A. Nichols.

88237 Calico Road, Kennewick, 2,730-square-foot home. Price: $890,000. Buyer: Sergio & Linda Luna. Seller: JK Monarch LLC.

386 Columbia Point Drive, #302, Richland, 3,389-square-foot home. Price: $1 million. Buyer: Jonathan R. Carr. Seller: Teri Carr.

5241 S. Quincy Place, Kennewick, 2,606-square-foot home. Price: $879,000. Buyer: Jane Chiu. Seller: GIS Construction LLC.

15911 S. Ridge View Lane, Kennewick, 3,270-square-foot home. Price: $1.1 million. Buyer: Michael Lee Thorpe. Seller: JK Monarch East LLC.

6011 Collins Road, West Richland, 3,968-square-foot home. Price: $850,000. Buyer: James Welby & Tyanna Aaryn Averett. Seller: Bryan J. Hanna.


10416 W. Court St., Pasco, 4,012-square-foot home and pool house. Price: $2.1 million. Buyer: Derek & Kristy Peacock. Seller: Matthew E. & Misty A. Fewel.

6509 Saddlebred Loop, Pasco, 2,577-square-foot home. Price: $950,000. Buyer: Brent Sweet. Seller: Heather I. Kirk.

Property north of East A Street, Pasco, 2.16 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $800,000. Buyer: Broetje Orchards LLC. Seller: Juan & Maria Montalvo.

1817 Road 80, 2,316-square-foot home. Price: $715,000. Buyer: William H. & Donna M. Dalton. Seller: David & Jean Conklin.

1740 N. Fifth Ave., Pasco, multi-residential property. Price: $1.7 million. Buyer: PS17 LLC. Seller: 1740 N. 5th Ave.

6705 Sandy Ridge Road, Pasco, 2,669-square-foot home. Price: $820,000. Buyer: Lauren Gayle & Allen Dean Noble. Seller: Dustin & Melissa Hornbeck.

6710 Olivia Court, Pasco, 2,690-square-foot home. Price: $730,000. Buyer: Theodore Alan & Tamara Jane Wedell. Seller: Greggory L. & Sharon M. Suisingh.

11415 Woodsman Drive, Pasco, 2,606-square-foot home. Price: $745,000. Buyer: Micah Daniel & Sandra Lea Gearheart. Seller: Dion & Jasmin Schmidt.

Property near Columbia River Road, 30.57 acres of undeveloped and ag land. Price: $1.9 million. Buyer: Rotschy LLC. Seller: Pomona Properties & Investments LLC.

Property near Basin Hill Road, 377.2 acres of ag land. Price: $4.2 million. Buyer: BC 140 LLC. Seller: Cody A. & Debby Easterday.

1427 N. First Ave., Pasco, 61,897 square feet of barns, potato storage, office building. Price: $2.8 million. Buyer: 3E Properties. Seller: Jody Easterday (et al).

Property off Road 52, 41 acres of ag land. Price: $3.2 million. Buyer: Pro Made Construction LLC. Seller: Allen & Cheryl Olberding.

2501 E. Lewis Place, Pasco, 4,225 square feet of garage and shed buildings on 6.82 acres. Price: $875,000. Buyer: West Family LLC. Seller: John R. Rada.

7740 Taylor Flats Road, Pasco, 3,840-square-foot shop building on 102 acres. Price: $1.2 million. Buyer: Isaac W. & Audrey L. Carlson. Seller: Bruce & Diana Carlson.

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