Top Properties – March 2020

Top property values listed start at $500,000 and have been rounded to the nearest hundred figure. Property values are public record and can be found by visiting the county assessor’s office.


6012 Smitty Drive, Richland, residential home. Price: $510,500. Buyer: Joseph & Anna Pierri. Seller: New Tradition Homes.

Undetermined address on 45th Ave., West Richland, 8 acres of development land. Price: $1,200,000. Buyer: John Sullins. Seller: Manoogian ARA.

43902 E. McWhorter Lane, West Richland, 3,500-square-foot residential home on 1 acre. Price: $570,000. Buyer: Paul & Denise Shoemaker. Seller: Thomas & Wendy Crosier.

106005 E. Wiser Parkway, Kennewick, 4.19 acres of commercial land. Price: $800,000. Buyer: TDKJ Residential Property. Seller: Pipe Dreams.

525 Ferrara Lane, Richland, 2,400-square-foot residential home on 0.34 acres. Price: $655,000. Buyer: Katherine & Ryan Gaumer. Seller: Lam Man Minh.

Undetermined address on Wiser Parkway, Kennewick, 7.4 acres of primary/commercial land. Price: $839,000. Buyer: 5D Development at Cottonwood. Seller: Watson Development.

17305 S. Clodfelter Road, Kennewick, 4,900-square-foot home on 2 acres. Price: $800,000. Buyer: Curtis Nichols. Seller: Richard Devin

1640 Salerno Lane, Richland, 2,800-square-foot residential home on 0.33 acre. Price: $679,000. Buyer: Gayle & Jorge Carrasco. Seller: Whitten Properties

2331 S. Young Court, Kennewick, 2,500-square-foot residential home on 0.36 acre. Price: $598,000. Buyer: John & Christina Meehan. Seller: Bauder Construction.

4771 W. Van Giesen St., West Richland, 3,950-square-foot commercial building. Price: $775,000. Buyer: Heyden Properties. Seller: Nash Family.

5502 Ryanick Road, Kennewick, 2,475-square-foot residential home and pole building on 0.69 acre. Price: $535,000. Buyer: Joni & Steven Estell. Seller: Steven & Leanne McCalmant.

5610 Everett St., West Richland, 2,585-square-foot residential home on 1 acre, Price: $605,000. Buyer: Irvan & Krista Cline. Seller: National Residential Nominee Services.

6457 Tiger Lane, Richland, residential home on 0.24 acre. Price: $701,000. Buyer: Jason & Laurie Cowgill. Seller: Ron Asmus Homes.

1405 Dale Ave., Benton City, Commercial office and mini-storage complex. Price: $1,600,000. Buyer: Smart Storage Solutions. Seller: Vision Development Group.

2346 S. Young Court, Kennewick, Residential home on 0.31 acre. Price: $589,000. Buyer: David & Kathryn Robison. Seller: P & R Construction.


3807 Adobe Court, Pasco, 3,720-square-foot residential home. Price: $570,000. Buyer: Aaron & Angela Hamel. Seller: Matthew & Ammie Henderson.

Undisclosed locations, 21- to 126-acre lots of undeveloped land. Price: $4,382,000. Buyer: Underwood Land Holdings. Seller: Stahl H B Trust.

12104 Clark Fork Road, Pasco, 0.5 acre of undeveloped land. Price: $517,000. Buyer: Brandon Ono. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

6981 Columbia River Road, Pasco, 2,300-square-foot residential home on 1.58 acres. Price: $765,000. Buyer: David & Jennifer Jordan. Seller: Condon (trustees), Damon & Kara Balmer.

Undisclosed location, 13.5 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $1,125,000. Buyer: J & J Kelly Construction. Seller: Richard Job.

6812 Pearl St., Pasco, 2,800-square-foot residential home. Price: $538,000. Buyer: Benjamin & Jessica Moyers. Seller: Dennis Zeigler.

4845 Broadmoor Blvd., Pasco, 1.5 acres undeveloped land. Price: $2, 877,000. Buyer: CLC Properties. Seller: Numerica Credit Union.

2325 Road 41, Pasco, 2,300-square-foot residential home on 0.46 acre. Price: $525,000. Buyer: Renee & Aaron Riley. Seller: Monogram Homes.

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