Bankruptcies – October 2020

Bankruptcies are filed under the following chapter headings:
Chapter 7 — Straight Bankruptcy: debtor gives up non-exempt property and debt is discharged.
Chapter 11 — Allows companies and individuals to restructure debts to repay them.
Chapter 12 — Allows family farmers to restructure finances to avoid liquidation for foreclosure.
Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by the individual to pay a percentage of debt based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay debts.
Information provided by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Spokane.


David Anders Bjurlin, 1548 N. Edison St., #C202, Kennewick.


Eric Robert Rosalez, 250 Gage Blvd., Apt. 3060, Richland.

Dean Michael Glendenning & Tina Louise Glendenning, 2341 W. 15th Place, Kennewick.

David Allen Gifford, 4440 Rosencrans St., Unit D, West Richland.

Jose & Beatriz Guizar, PO Box 7023, Kennewick.

Denise Jennifer Guzman, 428 N. Sycamore Ave., Pasco.

Ashley Lynn Miller, 915 Sixth St., Prosser.

Jeremy Michael Camphouse & Cheri Ann Price, 2894 Salk Ave., Apt. 105, Richland.

Fraser Stewart Hawley, 512 Canyon Lakes Drive, Kennewick.

Yobana Tobon, 3706 W. Henry St., Pasco.

Rocio Moya Ramirez, PO Box 4326, Pasco.

Loren & Amanda Austin, 365 Cottonwood Drive, Richland.

Loren Austin Welding and Manufacturing LLC, 365 Cottonwood Drive, Richland.

Juan P. Garcia, 1327 N. 24th Ave., Apt. #3B, Pasco.

Patrick Allen Wilson, 6855 W. Clearwater Ave., Ste. A101-149, Kennewick.

Amber Rae Levengood, 5103 Laredo Drive, Pasco.

Noland Jon Teal, 403 N. Hartford St., Kennewick.

Marcia V. Torres, 5703 Saddle Creek Lane, Pasco.

Jessie Jezzeray Gonzales, 4203 W. Kennewick Ave., #50, Kennewick.

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