Business Licenses – October 2020


California Surface Works, 555 Birch Court, Colton, California.

Jive Communications Inc., 2570 W. 600 N, Lindon, Utah.

Stone Roofing Co. Inc., 730 N. Coney Ave., Azusa, California.

Window Covering Outlet, 5236 W. Chinden Blvd., Boise, Idaho.

Mint Mobile LLC, 1550 Scenic Ave., Costa Mesa, California.

Nextiva Inc., 8125 N. 86th Place, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Lexicom LLC, 14340 SE 242nd Ave., Damascus, Oregon.

Coeo Solutions LLC, 1901 Butterfield Road, Downers Grove, Illinois

Elemental Energy, 1339 SE Eighth Ave., Portland.

California All Steel Carports Inc., 85 Santa Fe Ave., Fresno, California.

Vivid Learning Systems Inc., 333 W. Canal Drive.

Kopping Trucking LLC, 1617 W. 38th Place.

Quality Restoration Solutions, LLC 2331 W. A St., Pasco.

Aldrich & Associates Inc., 810 240th St. SE, Bothell.

Sawby Construction, 4411 Rosencrans Road, West Richland.

South Sound Sitework LLC, 15020 Canyon Road, East Puyallup.

Creekside Dental Kennewick, 216 N. Edison St.

Kr Construction and Excavation Inc., 56504 N. 31 PR, Benton City.

BCS Construction Services, 22908 E. Kennedy Rd NE, Benton City.

Francois Forgette, Consultant, 7×7, 901 S. Jefferson St.

D & L’s Leathercrafts & Boots, 2527 W. Kennewick Ave.

Steelhead Communications Inc., 28120 Highway 410 E St., Buckley.

Daniel Miranda, 481 Orchard Road, Pasco.

Three Rivers General Contractors LLC, 4606 W. John Day Ave.

Sno Valley Process Solutions Inc., 3302 McDougall Ave., Everett.

The Children’s Reading Foundation of the Mid-Columbia, 1229 W. 22nd Place.

Natural Works Carpet Care, 1509 W. 27th Place.

Dream Dinners, 6501 Crosswind Blvd.

Get In Where You Fit In LLC, 1321 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

Northwest Empire, 205 Whalen Loop Road, Woodland.

Snarky Cancer LLC ,3311 W. Clearwater Ave.

Bargreen Ellingson Inc., 6425 W. John Day Ave.

Tru-Design Construction LLC, 1406 Fries St., Richland.

Steve’s Install, 6422 Timber Drive, Nine Mile Falls.

Pioneer Landscaping & Fencing Services LLC, 617 S. Elm Ave., Pasco.

Big D’s Powersports Rentals LLC, 200 Second Ave., Burbank.

Solterra Massage Solterra Massage, 5219 W. Clearwater Ave.

Van Zaltbommel Educational Design Solutions, 6409 W. Sixth Ave.

Grace and Sage LLC, 7603 W. 13th Ave.

Gavin Financial Inc., 10121 W. Clearwater Ave.

Custom Touch LLC, 30 Michelle Road, Pasco.

Captain’s Cod Co., 2303 30th St., Bellingham.

Marvelous & Meticulous Flooring LLC, 5412 Pimlico Drive, Pasco.

Earth Moving Veterans, 70202 N. Foxhill Drive, Benton City.

Roda’s Laminate & Tile, 8304 Quadra Drive, Pasco.

Silva’s Contractors, 198610 E. 2013 PR SE.

House Surgeon LLC, 1209 W. 19th Ave.

Advent Remodeling Company LLC, 2101 Steptoe St., Richland.

Western Refining Retail, LLC 104 W. Second Ave., Spokane.

Built Right Inc., 17 Nuclear Lane, Richland.

End Line Fire, 3706 S. Johnson St., Kennewick.

Mad Minis Mx, 1606 S. Roosevelt Place.

T-Mobile Leasing LLC, 4311 W. Clearwater Ave.

T-Mobile Financial LLC, 1321 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

T-Mobile West LLC, 1321 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

T- Mobile Financial LLC, 4311 W. Clearwater Ave.

T- Mobile West LLC, 4311 W. Clearwater Ave.

T- Mobile Leasing LLC, 1321 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

Masala Indian Express, 8524 W. Gage Blvd.

Action Towing, 400 E. Kennewick Ave.

Mario’s Construction LLC, 195 Geiger Drive, Pasco.

Dirty Werx LLC, 318 E. First Ave.

R Kingdom Praiseware, 2701 S. Zillah Ct.

Casa Rosita, 311 S. Columbia Center Blvd.

Golden Eagle Construction, 2204 Road 48, Pasco.

All Pro Roofing Technologies, 1108 S. Kellogg St.

360 Landscaping LLC, 505 S. Olympia St.

Double E Truck and Equipment Inc., 65205 E. Solar PR NE, Benton City.

Innovation Cleaning Services, 8918 W. Arrowhead Ave.

Cherry Tomato Creations, 505 S. Olympia St.

Warrior Pallets LLC, 1615 E. Chemical Drive.

Catone’s Cleanup, 508 Sanford Ave., Richland.

Western Refining Retail LLC, 2707 S. Quillan St.

Panefully Clear, 728 S. Elm St.

Columbia Coast Outfitters, 1101 E. Fourth Ave.

Tapias Transport LLC, 5319 W. Tucannon Ave.

Robles, Rachel D., 8927 W. Tucannon Ave.

Western Refining Retail LLC, 5208 W. Clearwater Ave., 109 S. Wilson Court.

Evergreen Coffee Company North, 2802 W. 10th Ave.

Tek Ranch LLC, 1313 N. Young St.

Quicksilver Constructs LLC, 10251 Ridgeline Drive.

Bella Day Spa, 3180 W. Clearwater Ave.

Try-City Clean LLC, 2014 W. Fourth Ave.

Washington State Vocational Institute LLC, 401 N. Morain St.

DM Foot and Ankle, 711 S. Auburn St.

C S Doggy-do’s, 526 S. Anderson St.

Sara’s Cali Tacos & Mariscos, 1548 N. Edison St.

Maquis House Cleaning Services, 18 S. Rainier St.

Segou Shea, 1100 N. Buchanan St.

Supreme Auto Tint, 4023 W. Clearwater Ave.

Stacks Mobile Bistro, 815 W. Columbia Drive.

Never Lost LLC, 1209 S. Olympia Place.

USA-Home Inspections, 4104 W. 20th Ave.

Ibarra Distribution LLC, 3215 W. 13th Ave.

Master Sanitation LLC, 320 N. 10th Ave., Pasco.

Play House Rental LLC, 5501 W. Hildebrand Blvd.

Eric Thoma, 1409 N. Pittsburgh.

LMJ Logistics LLC, 1922 W. Second Ave.

The Booty Poppin Place, 10251 Ridgeline Drive.

Dev Transport LLC, 2604 S. Keller St.

Stullski LLC, 6725 W. Clearwater Ave.

Community Child and Family Counseling, 1409 N. Pittsburgh.

Proscape Professional Landscaping, 3549 W. 11th Place.

Tc Clean LLC, 7213 W. Sixth Place.

Kv Cleaning, 1114 W. 10th Ave.

Hopewell Watersports & Rentals, 451 Westcliffe Blvd., Richland.

Raptor Express LLC, 3309 W. Hood Ave.

Cellco Partnership, 1321 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

Inland Ocean LLC, 5615 SE Scenic Lane, Vancouver.

Lindsey Southam, 8797 W. Gage Blvd.

Jimmyz, 705 N. Johnson St.

Roldan’s Cleaning, 2105 N. Steptoe St.

Husted Insurance Services LLC, 5101 W. Clearwater Ave.

Swift Focus, 4326 S. Anderson Place.

TCN Transport LLC, 4114 S. Gum St.

Rockwell, Sarah Kalena, 504 S. BUCHANAN Place.

Avila Massage, 920 W. Canal Drive.

Interruption Apparel, 25704 S. 1005 PR SE.

Big D’s Powersports, 9312 W. 10th Ave.

Poutine, Eh!, 3902 W. Clearwater Ave.

Tahiti Adventures, 2413 W. 51st Ave.

Taqueria El Sazon, 4115 W. Clearwater Ave.

Hardwick Engineering, 418 N. Kellogg St.

Eclipse Tutoring, 8906 W. Bruneau Ave.

Happy Vista, 1004 S. Zillah Court.


Preferred Freezer Services Operating, LLC, 1 Main St., Chatham, NJ.

NW Extreme Installers, 8800 SE Sunnyside Road, Clackamas, Oregon

Haugen Consulting & Construction LLC, 901 S. Keller St., Kennewick.

Incyte Pathology, P.S., 13103 E. Mansfield Ave., Spokane Valley.

Dynamic Decks Inc., 5013 E. Ballard Road, Colbert, Washington.

Van Belle Excavating LLC, 609 Lower County Line Road, Prosser.

Fortune Homes, 4120 Acacia Court, Pasco.

Bales Construction Inc., 5620 E. Desmet Ave., Spokane Valley.

Strive Group LLC, 6722 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick.

Hope 4-Kids Transportation, 512 McMurray St.

Urban Mechanical LLC, 4511 Artesia Drive, Pasco.

Butter and Chocolate LLC, 212 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick.

Hernandez-Bruno Landscaping LLC, 1753 N. 22nd Ave., Pasco.

Lucky Seven Food Mart, 22 Goethals Drive, Richland.

Roda’s Laminate & Tile, 8304 Quadra Drive.

Silva’s Contractors LLC, 198610 E. 2013 PR SE, Kennewick.

Green Horizon, 1830 Terminal Drive.

Quartz Real Estate Appraisal, 540 Lodi Loop.

Source Stocker, 325 Sanford Ave.

R.O.M. Servpro, 575 Columbia Point Drive.

Servpro, 7500 W. Yellowstone Ave., Kennewick.

Reyes Tile Design & Home Remodel, 2105 N. Steptoe St., Kennewick.

Daugherty, Brandon D., 2309 Dover St., Richland.

Caldwell Transport Services LLC, 660 George Washington Way.

Berman Tech, 3121 W. Hood Ave., Kennewick.

Take Action Physio LLC, 4201 Kennedy Road, West Richland.

Sparkling Bee Cleaning Services, 912 N. Owen Ave., Pasco.


Interpreters of America, 6603 Yankee Drive.

Sage Court West LLC, 3330 W. Court St., Ste. H.

Am Cleaning, 3616 W. Court St. H.

Lyndsey Solutions LLC, 1331 W. Sylvester St. B.

Johnny Martinez Trucking Inc., 3421 King Ave.

Ursul Construction LLC, 5907 Sidon Lane.

Montana Verde Greenhouse Construction LLC, 3408 W. Pearl St.

New Generation of Wood LLC, 4117 W. Sylvester St.

Battelle Memorial Institute, 2935 Rickenbacker Drive.

G&G Mufflers, 609 W. Lewis St. B.

Cogent Consulting LLC, 6109 Basalt Falls Drive.

PNW Landscaping Construction, 4417 W. Sylvester St.

Eagle Eye Drywall & Construction LLC, 4108 Laredo Drive.

Auntie Mel’s, 3812 W. Jay St.

HV Homes, 729 W. Margaret St.

C&P Construction LLC, 3713 W. Sylvester St.

Makeup Artistry by Daniela Elizabeth LLC, 2315 E. Alvina St.

Chica Dorada Fashion, 411 W. Clark St.

Lisa Hanson LMT, 1620 Road 44.

Moore Tech Consulting, 5113 Pamplona Drive.

Pacwest Machinery LLC, 1249 N. California Ave.

Sammy’s Dustless Mobile Blasing LLC, 5817 Jefferson Drive.

Whatcha Waitin Pho, 5511 Robert Wayne Drive.

Mel & Pal Flower Shop, 410 W. Lewis St.

Rosie’s Barbershop, 1424 N. 14th Ave.

Hmtc Training & Consulting, 7203 Courtney Court.

Shoe Love Sidewalk Sale, 516 W. Clark St. ½.

Bigorsmallsigns, 2005 W. Lewis St. B.

Joyeria Esmeralda-Sidewalk Sale, 102 N. Fourth Ave. 1.

Eden Way Farms,5509 Santa Fe Lane.

Alis Craft & Fashion, 511 W. Lewis St.

A&A Logistics LLC, 3306 Luna Drive.

La Mariposa Properties, 4611 S. Tacoma Place, Kennewick.

Joj Construction LLC, 310 W. Columbia St.

Salon Santa Cruz Sidewalk Sale, 117 S. Fifth Ave.

Promociones Daisy Sidewalk Sales, 114 S. Fifth Ave.

New York Barber Shop Sidewalk Sales, 524 W. Clark St.

Vive Re – Sidewalk Sales, 509 W. Lewis St.

Dreams Fashion Clothing – Sidewalk Sales, 518 W. Clark St.

Diva Fashion – Sidewalk Sales, 525 W. Lewis St.

El Bronco – Sidewalk Sale, 518 W. Lewis St., Ste. 520.

Dunright Construction LLC, 9802 Silverbright Drive.

La Bonita – Sidewalk Sales, 126 N. Fourth Ave.

Tita’s Fashion & Nutrition,1512 E. Columbia St. C.

Caballero Western Wear Sidewalk Sale, 515 W. Lewis St.

Llane’s Boutique LLC Sidewalk Sale, 123 N. Fourth Ave., #115.

Vista Hermosa/Nela, 3525 E. A St.

Swing LLC, 3211 Syrah Drive.

Gala Express Sidewalk Sales, 516 W. Clark St.

Hieberia Y Novedades Lupita Sidewalk Sales, 506 W. Clark St., #508.

Panaderia Colima Sidewalk Sales, 801 W. Clark St.

Sparklingbeeservices, 912 N. Owen Ave.

The Crafts of Natalie And Co., 9619 Percheron Drive.

Livix Inc., 5426 Road 68, D.

Banner Bank, 3616 W. Court St.

509 Builders LLC, 9595 Snake River Road.

Convergint Technologies LLC, 450 Shattuck Ave. S., Renton.

Be Renewed Skin Care, 6415 Burden Blvd.

Jessica’s Cleaning Services LLC, 1204 Road 36.

Mills & Brown Authentic Collectables LLC, 5019 Lucena Drive.

Western Refining Retail LLC, 1440 N. 20th Ave.

L&G Drywall LLC, 631 S. Sycamore Ave.

Roda’s Laminate & Tile, 8304 Quadra Drive.

Heidi April PAC-Cp.S., 9915 Sandifur Parkway.

Mario’s Construction LLC, 195 Geiger Drive.

Pro Details, 1909 W. Court St.

Jive Communications Inc., 2570 W. 600 N. Lindon, Utah.

Affordable Custom Concrete LLC, 2108 Road 64.

Williams Pro-Clean, 221 Thayer Drive, Richland.

Mid-Columbia Newspaper Publishers, 5011 Valdez Lane.

I Am Tie Dye, 8218 W. Ruby St.

Master Sanitation, LLC, 320 N. 10th Ave.

Daniele Abbott, 6415 Burden Blvd.

Umadrid Designs, 6016 Camden Drive.

Quality Medical Billing, 4005 W. Park St.

CHB Entertainment Inc., 1327 W. Irving St.


Compunet Inc., 505 S. Florence St., Grangeville, Idaho.

Desert Springs LLC, 10605 N. College Circle, Spokane.

V & D Northwest Construction, 7301 W. Oak Ave., Union Gap.

Tri-Cities Quality Homes Inc., 615 S. Waldemar Ave., Pasco.

Darby Heating & Air LLC, 10012 W. Maple Drive, Pasco.

Chardan Builders LLC, 10405 W. Willow Way, Pasco.

Vision Painting, 6418 Glacier Peak Drive, Pasco.

D.S.A Painting LLC, 7801 Snoqualmie Drive, Pasco.

Kestrel Home Inspection Services LLC, 5500 Kenra Loop.

Eaglecrest Enterprises Inc., 1608 Seacrest Lane, Coupeville.

Horse Heaven Construction Inc., 34704 S. Hanon Road, Kennewick.

Hot Solar Solutions, 15 Jackie Court, Burbank.

Gutter Girl, 6209 Robert Wayne Drive, Pasco.

Dreamer’s Construction LLC, 1614 W. 35th Ave., Kennewick.

Dynamic Hardscaping LLC, 4508 Palo Verde Court, Pasco.

Pink Lawn Cure LLC, 21 Royal Crest Loop PR.

General Handyman Services LLC, 1305 McPherson Ave., Richland.

Holber Floor Coverings LLC, 4950 Chukar Drive.

Mister Car Wash, 3220 Kennedy Road.

Reilee Williams, 3701 Mount Baker Court.

Integrity Landscaping LLC, 208 E. 23rd Ave., Kennewick.

Vang-Emory West Van Giesen LLC, 4237 Ironton Drive.

Dynamic Decks Inc., 5013 E. Ballard Road, Colbert.

Bissell Drywall Inc., 1315 N. Road 48, Pasco.

Gladwell Stump Grinding LLC, 521 Grosscup Blvd.

AEI Electric LLC, 1999 Butler Loop, Richland.

Expansion Home Flooring LLC, 914 S. Cleveland St., Kennewick.

Columbia Building Services LLC, 4814 Seville Drive, Pasco.

Mendoza General Construction LLC, 5310 Raleigh Drive, Pasco.

3 Water Construction, 5220 Westminster Lane, Pasco.

Rosencrans Land LLC, 72609 E. Sundown PR SE, Kennewick.

Buffalo Construction Inc., 12700 Otto Knop Drive, Louisville, Kentucky.

Phoenix Sign Company Inc., 16 Horizon Lane, Aberdeen.

Elite Landscaping & Fencing LLC, 700 W. 42nd Ave., Kennewick.

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