Top Properties – June 2021

Top property values listed start at $700,000 and have been rounded to the nearest hundred figure. Property values are public record and can be found by visiting the county assessor’s office.


623, 625, 627, 631, 635, 643, 647, 651, 648, 644, 622, 614 Marysville Way and 2968 Cashmere Drive, Richland, 13 parcels for home sites of less an acre each. Price: $1 million. Buyer: Hayden Homes LLC. Seller: Richland 132 LLC.

455 & 235 Belmont Blvd., West Richland, 5-acre home site. Price: $1.1 million. Buyer: Belmont Meadows LLC. Seller: Aaron Sullivan.

101 Wellsian Way, Richland, 3,457-square-foot fast food restaurant. Price: $6.8 million. Buyer: FM Richland F LLC. Seller: Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.

101 Wellsian Way, Richland, 170,300-square-foot supermarket on 14 acres. Price: $753,000. Buyer: FM Richland F LLC. Seller: Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.

491 Adair Drive, Richland, 4,393-square-foot home. Price: $765,000. Buyer: Douglas E. Newton. Seller: Matt McCormick.

Land west of North Wamba Road, Prosser, 28 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $2.3 million. Buyer: North 44 West LLC. Seller: Lixsandro Arriaga Villafan.

4294, 4270, 4246, 4126, 4102, 4078, 4054, 4030, 3982 Highview St., Richland, 9 home site parcels under an acre. Price: $1.7 million. Buyer: P & R Construction LLC. Seller: Monson Development Washington LLC.

2423 Saddle Way, Richland, 4,995-square-foot home. Price: $1.2 million. Buyer: Sean & Sarah Demars. Seller: Craig D. & Rebecca K. Ritchie.

1220 Glenwood Court, Richland, 3,739-square-foot home. Price: $878,000. Buyer: Nathan R. & Angela V. Croskrey. Seller: David S. Morrison & Henrietta L. Mayuga.

411 W. Railroad Ave., Kennewick, 18,800-square-foot warehouse. Price: $1.5 million. Buyer: Railroad Ventures LLC. Seller: Columbia Industries.

Property near Lake Wallula, 2,000 acres of dry ag land and rangeland, plus 252-acre home site. Price: $995,000. Buyer: Wake Family Properties LLC. Seller: Rainier Heights Holdings LLC.

1601 George Washington Way and 118 Van Giesen St., Richland, 14,707-square-foot drug store. Price: $5.2 million. Buyer: Project Juniper Fund V LLC. Seller: Waltrust Properties Inc.

13423 Furlong Lane, Kennewick, 1-acre home site. Price: $702,000. Buyer: James & Sherry A. Lynch. Seller: Tanninen Custom Homes Inc.

75604 Reata Road, Kennewick, 4,470-square-foot home. Price: $770,000. Buyer: David & Gloria Oni. Seller: Randell W. & Cindy K. Wellenbrook.

103907 Wiser Parkway, Kennewick, 6,500-square-foot clubhouse and retail store, restroom building, 3,138-square-foot home on 25 acres. Price: $10 million. Buyer: Columbia Sun RV Resort LLC. Seller: Badger Mountain RV Resort LLC.

2105 Pullen St., Richland, two apartment buildings, both more than 7,300 square feet. Price: $2.1 million. Buyer: 2105 Pullen Street LLC. Seller: 5D Development at Richlander Apartments LLC.

2137 Sky Meadow Ave., Richland, 2,830-square-foot home. Price: $741,000. Buyer: Patricia J. Long. Seller: Barry Long.

2319 Skyview Loop, Richland, 3,051-square-foot home. Price: $900,000. Buyer: Deepthi Rimmalapudi & Sri Ratan Boppana. Seller: David Sharp.

4253 W. 24th Ave., Kennewick, 6,492-square-foot office building. Price: $1.8 million. Buyer: Milo Reid Commercial LLC. Seller: Loren K. & Teresa A. Sharp.

977 Creer Way, West Richland, 2.2 acres for home site. Price: $1.3 million. Buyer: Van Giesen Apts. LLC. Seller: Urban Range LLC.

7025 Grandridge Blvd., Unit K-6, Kennewick, 8,435-square-foot office building. Price: $1.7 million. Buyer: IBEW 77 International Blvd. LLC. Seller: Grandridge Law Center LLC.

3508 W. 36th Loop, Kennewick, 2,732-square-foot home. Price: $1 million. Buyer: Mark A. & Lilly Anita Fischels. Seller: Stephen D. & Stephanie L. Bannworth Trustees.

1368 Westgate Way, Richland, 2,852-square-foot home. Price: $790,000. Buyer: Matthew J. Petersen. Seller: Robert Lauren & Rebecca Lynn Snow.

3803 Northlake Drive, West Richland, 3,910-square-foot home on 1.9 acres. Price: $960,000. Buyer: Peter K. & Michelle C. Stewart. Seller: Ronald O. & Karen S. Maxfield Trustees.


Property west of Highway 395 near Connell, 46 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $700,000. Buyer: Summit Point Estates LLC. Seller: Welch Farmlands LLC.

11731 Talon Court, Pasco, 0.65-acre home site. Price: $890,000. Buyer: Arielle & Jarrod W. Hays. Seller: Greg Senger Construction Inc.

3035 Rickenbacker Drive, Pasco, 6,750-square-foot storage hangar. Price: $875,000. Buyer: Great Basin Aviation Co. LLC. Seller: Bush Force Hotel LLC.

6800 Kohler Road, Pasco, 3,750-square-foot shop building on 13 acres. Price: $2.6 million. Buyer: Big Sky Developers LLC. Seller: Rodney L. & Julie K. Burns.

920 N. 20th Ave., Pasco, 16,780-square-foot commercial building. Price: $1.1 million. Buyer: Pasco 18 LLC. Seller: Ellingson Brothers LLC.

Property north of Burns Road, 60 acres of ag land. Price: $5.4 million. Buyer: 7HA Pasco LLC. Seller: 7HA Family LLC.

607 N. Oregon Ave., Pasco, 3,500- and 7,500-square-foot warehouses. Price: $1.4 million. Buyer: Kidwell Family LLC. Seller: Dana Labels Inc.

12731 Glade North, Road, Eltopia, 12,380-square-foot service garage on 5 acres. Price: $900,000. Buyer: BCB Management LLC. Seller: Terteling Properties LLC.

Property east of North Railroad Avenue, 206 acres of ag land. Price: $2.3 million. Buyer: Gish Family Properties LLC. Seller: R L & Mary Gish (1991 TR et al).

Property south of Eltopia West Road, 156 acres of ag land. Price: $2.7 million. Buyer: Octaviano C. Torres (et al). Seller: Zilar Family LLC.

8316, 8312, 8308, 8304, 8216, 8212, 8208, 8204, 8116, 8112, 8108, 8104, 8016, 8012, 8008, 8004 Massey Drive, Pasco, 16 0.25-acre home sites. Price: $2 million. Buyer: Pro Made Construction LLC. Seller: TDKJ Residential Property LLC.

6813 Eagle Crest Drive, Pasco, 2,549-square-foot home. Price: $721,000. Buyer: Jesse D. & Jennifer L. Flajole. Seller: Casey E. Yeaton.

7192 Columbia River Road, Pasco, 3,327-square-foot home on 7.4 acres. Price: $1.5 million. Buyer: Andrew W. Osborne. Seller: Trevor & Shelly Broetje.

3405 N. Commercial Ave., 2 warehouses totaling 27,824 square feet on 2.2 acres. Price: $1.8 million. Buyer: Lixsandro Villafan. Seller: HEF Industries LLC.

2307 W. Court St., Pasco, 1,400-square-foot commercial building. Price: $940,000. Buyer: Numerica Credit Union. Seller: Sunny Hill Enterprise LLC.

1002 N. 28th Ave., Pasco, 12,000-square-foot auto dealer on 4 acres. Price: $3.8 million. Buyer: Grace Delight of Washington LLC. Seller: Moore Holding Company LLC.

3333 N. Railroad Ave., Pasco, 30,835 square feet of service repair garage, office building on 32 acres. Price: $3.7 million. Buyer: Copart of Washington Inc. Seller: Paula J. Holmes (et al).

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