Young Professional 2020: Francisco Mendoza

Francisco Mendoza

Francisco Mendoza

Civil Engineer-in-Training, Meier Architecture Engineering

Dream vacation?
To travel throughout Spain, Italy and France

Planner or procrastinator?
A perfect balance of both

Favorite TV show and movie?
“Game of Thrones” and “Old School”

Favorite website or app?

Age and current hometown:
25, Richland

Briefly describe your company: Meier Architecture Engineering specializes in providing design and drafting services to clients locally and nationally. Our range of expertise includes architecture, civil, mechanical, structural and electrical projects.

How long have you worked for Meier? 3+ years

Education: Bachelor of science, civil engineering, Washington State University, 2017.

Family? Pets?
I have a large immediate family. I have six brothers and four sisters, and I am the second oldest of my siblings. I love dogs, and I am looking forward to having a dog of my own soon.

Did you grow up here?
I was born in Kennewick. I lived in the outskirts of Tri-Cities for a few years and then lived in Pasco and Richland up until today. Family is one of the biggest reasons to stay local. I have a large extended family that lives throughout the Tri-Cities and surrounding area.

Favorite music?
Hip hop

Favorite sports team: Seahawks and Cougars (Go Cougs!)

Favorite thing to do in the Tri-Cities? Visit local wineries and breweries and paddleboard on the river.

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?
Spanish was my first language.

Describe your job and how you got into it: I work primarily within a civil group (managers, engineers, designers and drafters) to produce construction plans.

Additionally, I frequently engage with clients, contractors and public agencies to complete site development designs. These designs have been incorporated in residential, commercial, educational, medical, and industrial land development and improvement projects.

I decided to get into this profession because I have always been interested in the design and construction of infrastructure.

Toughest career decision?
I had a career opportunity to be a field engineer for a large construction firm in Los Angeles. I decided to stay local and join a design office so that I can gain experience toward professional licensure.

How did you earn your first dollar?
I earned my first dollar through hard manual labor during the summertime. I worked for my neighbor who was seeking help picking weeds and digging holes for an irrigation system.

How do you achieve work-life balance?
I strive to complete my work to the best of my ability and make sure my team has everything they need to meet deadlines. Once I leave work, I try to occupy my life in staying active through weightlifting, gaming and spending time with family and friends.

Community involvement and service: Locally I have volunteered at Habitat for Humanity where I helped in the construction of homes (framework, roofing and irrigation system of the property) for families in need.

I also volunteered as an assistant head coach for a youth soccer program. This after-school program was for first- and second-grade students in Pullman.