McCurley buys Yakima Subaru dealership

By Michael Samson Yakima Valley Business Times

McCurley Integrity Dealerships of the Tri-Cities recently bought the Stewart Subaru dealership in Yakima.

Now known as McCurley Subaru of Yakima, the business at 506 Fruitvale Blvd. is the company’s sixth dealership in the state.

“One of the reasons why we wanted to come over here is our ties with the area,” said John Kristmann, the business’ sales manager. “We have such strong ties with the local charities and the community here and really want to get more involved.”

McCurley Integrity Dealerships was founded in the Tri-Cities in 1981. In addition to its new Yakima Subaru dealership, the company operates a Honda dealership in Richland and Chevrolet, Mazda, Isuzu and Subaru dealerships in Pasco.

The Yakima lot offers a selection of both new and used Subarus, as well as dozens of used vehicles of various makes and models. The business employs around 50 people.

“The previous owners were a wonderful couple in their 70s, and, like them, McCurley’s is a family,” Kristmann said.

“It sure helped a lot of the employees that it was another family who came in and not a big corporation who does things their way or the highway. We’re a family-run business and very proactive in the community.”

The company also offers a complete service and detailing department.

“Since we opened, we’ve had a lot of customers coming in for both service and sales,” Kristmann said. “Both departments are just really excelling.

“In around two years, we’re going to have a brand new dealership, probably at a different location. If you think about it, a new dealership’s going to mean bigger spaces, more cars, both new and used, and it’s going to keep growing and be wonderful for the Yakima Valley.”

The first Subaru dealership in Yakima was opened at the current location in the mid-1970s by Les Morin and was operated by the Morin family for many years.

As an early publicity stunt, Morin had his daughter live on the lot for a period of time in a small camper that was mounted on a pole, dozens of feet above the ground. During the promotion, she was known as “Suzy Subaru.”

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