Top Properties – April 2022

Top property values listed start at $700,000 and have been rounded to the nearest hundred figure. Property values are public record and can be found by visiting the county assessor’s office.


2481 Woods Drive, Richland, 2,088-square-foot home. Price: $810,000. Buyer: Eric & Paige Targon. Seller: Jeffrey & Sherri Parker.

4942 Smitty Drive, Richland, 3,075-square-foot home. Price: $739,000. Buyer: Dwayne Carson & Denele Anderson. Seller: Christopher B. Smith & Jay L. Swope.

1707 W. Sixth Ave., Kennewick, apartment complex. Price: $1.8 million. Buyer: Coldstream Investments LLC. Seller: Eleven on Sixth Ave. LLC.

13118 S. Furlong Lane, Kennewick, 1-acre home site. Price: $855,000. Buyer: Jennifer & Jeremy Holbrook. Seller: Riverwood Homes WA LLC.

5803 W. 29th Place, Kennewick, 0.5-acre home site. Price: $885,000. Buyer: Charles R. & Molly E. Hamaker Teals. Seller: Rickey Land & Cattle Company.

8825 W. 12th Ave., Kennewick, 0.27-acre home site. Price: $835,000. Buyer: Justin Dale & Karen Renee Anderson. Seller: Riverwood Homes WA LLC.

4246 Highview St., Richland, 0.54-acre home site. Price: $711,000. Buyer: Juan R. Marquina. Seller: P & R Construction LLC.

3590 Orchard St., West Richland, 1,739-square-foot home. Price: $773,000. Buyer: Roxana Roohi Moolla. Seller: Dennis Sawby Construction LLC.

4199 Highview St., Richland, 0.27-acre home site. Price: $735,000. Buyer: Khea Longan. Seller: Juanita Cottages LLC.

3655 W. 49th Ave., Kennewick, 3,216-square-foot home. Price: $905,000. Buyer: Sally A. Petty & Geret C. Vines. Seller: TMT Homes NW LLC.

1262 Jolianna Drive, Richland, 0.35-acre home site. Price: $707,000. Buyer: Lynndell S. & Daniel M. Affleck. Seller: Alderbrook Investments Inc.

1388 Kensington Way, Richland, 3,490-square-foot home. Price: $880,000. Buyer: Daniel B. & Cheryl L. Heid. Seller: David W. & Linda C. Bechtel.

1214 Meadow Hills Drive, Richland, 0.41-acre home site. Price: $885,000. Buyer: Kaylan M. & Justin D. Bentz. Seller: TriCity Remodel LLC.

4023 Corvina St., Richland, 3,134-square-foot home. Price: $739,000. Buyer: Stephen & Nina Walker. Seller: Juanita Cottages LLC.

7801 W. Quinault Drive, Kennewick, 25,629-square-foot hotel. Price: $4.9 million. Buyer: J&J Lodging LLC. Seller: Sunshine Investors LLC.

76202 E. Reata Road, Kennewick, 4,073-square-foot home. Price: $915,000. Buyer: David J. Peters Jr. & Julia M. Guardanapo-Peters. Seller: Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc.

456 Meadow Hills Drive, Richland, 3,517-square-foot home. Price: $830,000. Buyer: Timothy Carlson. Seller: Larry E. Talmage.

7352 W. 22nd Place, Kennewick, 0.46-acre home site. Price: $765,000. Buyer: Amy J. Kogelman. Seller: P & R Construction LLC.

16708 S. Lanell Drive, Prosser, 3,969-square-foot home on 3 acres. Price: $1 million. Buyer: Joseph Clarence & Lori Ann Rollinger. Seller: Seth & Sara Johnson.

15683 S. Furlong Lane, Kennewick, 1-acre home site. Price: $727,000. Buyer: Amanda & Joshua Harris. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction Inc.

4294 Highview St., Richland, 2,440-square-foot home. Price: $745,000. Buyer: Jeremy & Ashley Faust. Seller: P & R Construction LLC.

313 W. 45th Ave., Kennewick, 2,002-square-foot home on 1.2 acres. Price: $720,000. Buyer: Nehemias Gonzalez Rosales & Bianet Gonzalez. Seller: Brent E. & Melanie K. Westover.

665 Isola Vista Court, Richland, 3,847-square-foot home. Price: $1.1 million. Buyer: Aaron & Monica Dewitt. Seller: Steve & Susan Weigel.

1232 N. Columbia Center Blvd., Kennewick, 8,960-square-foot commercial building. Price: $5 million. Buyer: Best Pals LLC. Seller: Argo Kennewick LLC.

1215 George Washington Way, Richland, 6,738-square-foot commercial office. Price: $750,000. Buyer: EIG14T Nova WA Richland LLC. Seller: Kahuna LLC.

3975 Corvina St., Richland, 0.23-acre home site. Price: $821,000. Buyer: Jason Beale & Shanon Michele Brown. Seller: Riverwood Homes Washington LLC.

35006 E. Red Mountain Road, Benton City, 1,569-square-foot home on 2.3 acres. Price: $745,000. Buyer: James & Martha Fagan. Seller: Kyle A. & Eileen E. Logan.

4424 Lolo Way, Richland, 0.3-acre home site. Price: $840,000. Buyer: Sharon Catherine Zamora & Scott Brumfield. Seller: Titan Homes LLC.

3971 S. Kellogg, Kennewick, 2,201-square-foot home. Price: $725,000. Buyer: Joshua & Jennifer Bain. Seller: Jeremy J. & Jennifer M. Holbrook.

3972 S. Beech Court, Kennewick, 1-acre home site. Price: $734,000. Buyer: Dennis M. & Judith F. Turner. Seller: Dennis Sawby Construction LLC.

107308 N. Harrington Road, Richland, 3,023-square-foot home on 6 acres. Price: $855,000. Buyer: Amanda & Kevin H. Hart. Seller: Shirley A. Cook Trustee.

3982 Highview St., Richland, 0.57-acre home site. Price: $711,000. Buyer: Aaron & Carrol Bailey. Seller: P & R Construction LLC.

450 Williams Blvd., Richland, 6,008-square-foot commercial building. Price: $1.1 million. Buyer: Tevye LLC. Seller: Starmark Real Estate II LLC.

4978 Smitty Drive, Richland, 3,400-square-foot home. Price: $715,000. Buyer: Edwin N. & Shawnlee E. Dodd. Seller: Laura Marquina.

10 N. Washington St., Kennewick, 10,823-square-foot office building. Price: $1.2 million. Buyer: Benton Franklin Elder Services. Seller: Sidney Lantor Trustee.

7417 W. 23rd Ave., Kennewick, 0.31-acre home site. Price: $714,000. Buyer: Michael K. & Deanna L. Adams. Seller: P & R Construction LLC.

30808 S. 959 PR SE, Kennewick, 2,610-square-foot home on 2.5 acres. Price: $860,000. Buyer: Daniel Kalani & Christine Boynton Tano. Seller: Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc.

43902 E. McWhorter Lane, Richland, 3,498-square-foot home. Price: $819,000. Buyer: Tammy Merrie & Michael Anthony Rose. Seller: Paul Austin & Denise Shoemaker.

8809 S. 674 PR SE, Benton City, 5 acres of irrigated ag land. Price: $810,000. Buyer: Ignacio Chavez. Seller: Muzzy Construction LLC.

389, 413, 405 Bedrock Loop, West Richland, 0.11-, 0.09-, 0.09-acre home sites. Price: $1.1 million. Buyer: Mistilyn & Christopher Moody. Seller: Red Mountain Construction LLC.

2852 Karlee Drive, Richland, 2,807-square-foot home. Price: $765,000. Buyer: Andrew J. & Katherine M. Hoover. Seller: Rick Alan & Amy Renee Nixon.

5105 S. Bermuda Road, Kennewick, 2,314-square-foot home on 2.87 acres. Price: $706,000. Buyer: William & Andrea Cox. Seller: Jessie C. Evans & Randolph G. Lemmons.

2360, 2372, 2384, 2361, 2373 Hood Ave., Richland, apartment complex. Price: $3.2 million. Buyer: New Construction on Hood LLC / 2360 Hood Avenue LLC. Seller: John D. Shaw.


12414 Hunter Road, Pasco, 2,272-square-foot home. Price: $776,000. Buyer: Steven J. & Suzanne J. Marcellino. Seller: P & R Construction LLC.

3914 Road 92, Pasco, 2,008-square-foot home on 2.33 acres. Price: $720,000. Buyer: Tyson & Chandler Childs. Seller: Jeffrey L. Jensen.

2613 Road 80, Pasco, 3,317-square-foot home. Price: $911,000. Buyer: Matthew Lee & Katie Christine Neff. Seller: Ed & Jan Barron.

351 Giesler Road, Pasco, 2,318-square-foot home. Price: $800,000. Buyer: Nathan Andrew Kennedy. Seller: Kyle W. Moser & Nicole Sommer.

Property off South Road 40 East, 72 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $5.2 million. Buyer: Pasco Road 40 LLC. Seller: Jay D. Compton.

541 Moore Road, Pasco, 3,060-square-foot home. Price: $760,000. Buyer: Hannah & Jason Thomas Nanni. Seller: Isaias & Luz Maria Mendoza.

4403 W. Court St., Pasco, 9,969-square-foot commercial building on 1.38 acres. Price: $1.1 million. Buyer: Pasco School District No. 1. Seller: Riverview Professional Center LLC.

920 N. 20th Ave., Pasco, 16,780-square-foot commercial building. Price: $2.1 million. Buyer: Hovde Family Properties LLC. Seller: Pasco 18 LLC.

Property off Columbia River Road North, 109 acres of ag and undeveloped land. Price: $1.5 million. Buyer: Mis Nora Orchards LLC. Seller: Franklin County Orchard LLC.

133 Ridgeview Drive, Pasco, 2,117-square-foot home. Price: $732,000. Buyer: Joshua A. Beck. Seller: Robert Hamm (et al).

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